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PANNA® — embroidery kits

PANNA® is embroidery kits, which have well-deserved popularity among the handicraft lovers and, in particular, cross stitch. There are several reasons for it:

Famous authors-designers

Embroidery patterns are developed by the leading Russian and foreign designers. Their professional approach and long experience provide a guarantee that you will be happy with the finished embroidery from PANNA®.

Multi-level verification

Each PANNA® embroidery kit goes through a manual multi-level verification before production. We aim the final product will be corresponded to your expectations. This includes embroidery pattern, quantity of mouline thread, color matching, and also the size and type of canvas.

Price-quality ratio

PANNA® is embroidery kits made in Russia, which provides the relatively low price of the kit. Moreover, the kit consists of the highest quality components only. This all makes PANNA® kits attractive to the customer.

Various embroidery techniques

PANNA® is embroidery of different difficulty levels and in different techniques. Today, there are 3 levels of difficulty. The simplest kits are small embroideries with a small amount of crosses. The kits of medium complexity are characterized by more complex design. The most complex kits, designed for experienced masters, represent a combination of different techniques and additional elements – counted cross stitch, blackwork and backstitch technique, ribbons and beads. During the last years PANNA® released kits to work in new techniques: Bead embroidery, Ribbon embroidery, Stumpwork, Full Floss embroidery, Longstitch, Blackwork, Kits for embroidery of carpets and pillows with yarn, Latch Hook kits. For experienced embroiderers we created kits of "Gold Series", which include the most original and complex storylines, with lots of color tones of mouline threads. PANNA® is the first Russian brand, which began producing kits for embroidery with ribbons and latch hook kits.

Attention to comments and wishes of ourcustomers

Thanks to the careful attention to the wishes and comments of customers PANNA® kits started to be completed with more thick canvas, the length of threads was increased, the kits with additional materials, ribbons, beads, metal pendants, started to be made. In many respects it is the client decides how will look new kits PANNA®: what techniques and designs will be given preference.

Each PANNA® embroidery kit includes:

  • mercerized mouline thread "Gamma®" made of Egyptian cotton;
  • dressed canvas Aida "Gamma®";
  • special holder for mouline thread;
  • embroidery needle "Gamma®";
  • colored or black-and-white scheme;
  • instructions for embroidery.