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The first embroidered the new kit - get a gift!

Dear embroiderers!

When buying any NEW embroidery kit today, you will get the opportunity to receive another PANNA® embroidery kit as a gift!

The promo covers all PANNA® embroidery kits, appearing on the website in the “WHAT'S NEW” section marked “Involved in the Action”.

Buy any kit you like and embroider it, using only materials supplied and precisely following the instruction manual and scheme.

On the kit page answer the mandatory questions and add photos in the comments box. You will have to upload at least 4 photos of the process of embroidering the product at different stages, as well as a photo of the finished work and a photo of the remaining parts of your kit. Reply to mandatory questions, assess the new product, write about your impressions concerning the kit.

The list of mandatory questions for the first who will embroider the kit:

1. Was the kit is complete?
2. Were the materials supplied sufficient?
3. Have you found any inaccuracies or errors in the scheme, key or instruction manual?
4. Do the scheme and instruction manual appear clear to you?
5. Have you been satisfied with the quality of the materials supplied?

The first who will embroider the new kit and present his/her report will receive the PRIZE - another kit of PANNA®.

The embroidered kit will be removed from the competition.

The promo is active constantly.


The prize will be only granted to the participant who:

a) posts on the kit page not less than 3 photos of the kit embroidering process at different stages, photo of the backside of unframed embroidery, photo of the finished (framed) work, photo of the remaining parts of your kit, detailed comments and impressions concerning the kit.
b) embroiders the product precisely corresponding to the scheme and instruction manual supplied. Otherwise, your work will not take part in the competition!
c) does not miss the promo deadline specified on the website

The prize is only for the first succeeding participant.

Producer doesn't bear responsibility for duration period of delivery of kits and gifts.