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Dear needlewomen!
Congratulate you warmly with World Embroidery Day!

This is a holiday of patient and hardworking people.

This is a holiday of those for whom embroidery is not just a hobby, but life itself.

This is YOUR holiday!

Let your skillful fingers know no fatigue. Let everything inspire you for new works. Let every stitch and cross stitch make you happy. We wish you to have a minute for your favorite passion on the busiest day in your life.

Every day you make us happy with your most beautiful embroidered works of our designs. But today, we want to please you)

From 10th to 12th November placing any order on the website, we will give you branded bag PANNA with one of favorite embroidered design!

Thank you for choosing a PANNA kit!

The promotion is valid from 00:00 November 10, 2020 to 23:59 November 12, 2020 Moscow time (GMT + 3)