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3D Embroidery

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"PANNA® offers you embroidery kits in the ""stumpwork"" technique. This technique is quite simple to perform and can be used even by inexperienced craftswomen. This is ""magic without efforts""! You can create a real masterpiece even if you don’t have a wealth of experience. And the work itself will not take much time, as the image printed on the fabric and design is filled partly. Designs in ""stumpwork"" technique are made with mouline threads and ribbons of different widths. As a result the space is quickly filled with stitches. You can reach extraordinary effect with embroidery in ""animalistic satin stitch"" technique. Due to carefully selected combination of thread colors, stitches laid in certain directions, and also embroidery of specific elements on the printed image, the finished work becomes three-dimensional. The result of work in the ""stumpwork"" technique impresses by its originality – each craftswoman creates her own unique ""live"" picture.

Stumpwork with ribbons and mouline threads provides a brilliant result. Due to embroidery in ""animalistic satin stitch"" technique or combination of embroidery with ribbons and mouline threads on a fabric with a printed design three-dimensional image is created. In the hands of a craftswoman it seems that the picture becomes alive, getting rich colors and becoming filled with air and light.

  • Kits in the ""stumpwork"" technique are simple to perform and can be used even by inexperienced craftswomen.
  • The kits include everything you need to make a picture: fabric with finished edges, with high quality printed image on it, silk, satin or organza ribbons, mouline threads, needles, detailed photo instructions for embroidery."